Went to see Chicago last night in Long Beach, it was Karen’s Christmas present. I had never seen them, they were very solid. You could tell they have been doing this a long time, had a good set list and stuck to the script. Don’t know that I would see them again, but they have been doing this since 1967 so it may not be an option too much longer anyway.



Well I finally figured out how to write a story and have the photo gallery show up below. Still not as clean as I might like but definitely something that can be repeated – meaning I will probably remember how! So finally I will get around to writing and posting all the stuff about Whitney and other hikes, plus maybe some pics and stories about the Mustang. Might add some tall tales to the mix too.

Picture below from my day at the races on Friday, I left work at 1:00 to spend a few hours hanging out there.


In progress

Still trying to get things set up. Didn’t expect a big learning curve but somehow I have yet to figure out how to get a photo gallery done and posted. Seemed like I uploaded pics and then added descriptions but now can’t find them.  Hmmm, interwebz to the rescue someday.

Back again

After a loong time I am returning to the interwebz. Hopefully I can be a little more active, perhaps the iPhone app will help with that. Anyway, site is now via WordPress since iWeb was abandoned by Apple. Hope I can get all the old stuff back and published again.